2011 Updates

Common new features of the 2011 version

The 2011 version of CYPE programs contains important new features and improvements. Click on the following links for more information.

Use of CYPE software with Linux operating system

CYPE programs can now be used with Linux operating system. To do so, the computer on which CYPE programs are to be used has to meet a series of conditions:

  • Conditions of the Linux operating system
    • Linux version
      A Linux version that supports Wine 1.01 has to be installed. At CYPE, checks have been carried out  with Linux Ubuntu 10.04.
    • Wine 1.01
      Wine 1.01 or later versions must be installed
      Wine is an acronym for “Wine is Not an Emulator”. It is an application created so that programs conceived for Microsoft Windows operating systems can be used with Linux.
  • Conditions of CYPE programs
    • Versions of CYPE programs
      Version 2011.a or later versions must be installed
    • Protection system of the professional version of CYPE programs
      The safety device allowing users to access their acquired programs and modules must be:
    • Evaluation and Temporary License versions
      The Evaluation and Temporary License versions can also be used at a computer with Linux (with the requirements indicated in the Conditions of the Linux operating system and in the Conditions of CYPE programs).

Material textures in 3D views

As of the 2011.a version, the 3D views of CYPECAD and Metal 3D contain a new option which displays elements with textures resembling the real colours of the material they are made out of. The user can choose to represent the 3D view with or without the materials:

  • Without materials
    Displays the materials that existed until now, which differentiated the elements of the 3D view, even if they consisted of the same material.
  • With materials
    Displays the elements of the 3d view with textures which resemble their real colours.
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